Santa Abella and Other Stories is now available on in ebook and paperback formats.
                Santa Abella and Other Stories by [Ken Wetherington]
CONTENTS: Santa Abella, Starstruck, Black Bear Lake, One Night in Las Vegas, Inheriting Dad, Lydia, Between Eleven and Midnight, An Easy Choice, Heartbreak Woman, Waiting for Adonis, Thanatopsis, The Revivalists, Sweet Jenny, The Postwar Years

None of these stories generate income for me.  All proceeds (if any) go to the publishers and editors, who labor long hours, often on shoestring budgets, for each issue.  I am grateful for their efforts. Most are in electronic format and are freely available online.  However, some electronic versions require purchase.  Print versions also require readers to purchase a copy.  Some are available in both formats.  Here is the key:

(E) Free electronic copy available online
($) Electronic copy available for purchase
(P) Print copy available for purchase

  • Black Bear Lake* Ginosko Literary Journal  No. 19,  Summer 2017, pages 76-82 (E)
  • Thanatopsis*The Fable Online  No. 22,  September 2017, pages 28-42 (E)
  • One Night in Las Vegas* Ragazine  Vol. 14 No. 1,  January-February 2018 (E) 
  • The Marsupial Rebellion  Perspectives Magazine  June 2018, pages 34-37 (E/P)
  • Edward’s Family  Borrowed Solace: A Journal of Literary Ramblings  Vol. 1 No. 3,  Fall 2018, pages 87-103 ($)
  • Between Eleven and Midnight* Remington Review  Fall 2018, pages 5-10 (E)
  • Waiting for Adonis* Remington Review  Spring 2019, pages 47-50 (E)
  • Lydia* Founder’s Favourites  No. 7,  June 2019, pages 13-15 (E/P)
  • Starstruck* Bookends Review  June 2019 (E)
  • Boys’ Night Out  Founder’s Favourites  No. 12,  September 2020, pages 24-25 (E/P)
  • FORTHCOMING: The Last Grave  Backchannels  Edition No. 6,  Fall 2020
  • FORTHCOMING: In the Eye of the Beholder  Waymark Literary Magazine  Issue No. 2,  Fall 2020
    appears in Santa Abella and Other Stories

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