Praise for Santa Abella and Other Stories

“The writing is top notch. Each story flows well. He creates believable characters and provides good descriptions of people and places to ground the reader. His use of dialogue is really strong. It reads conversational, and he sprinkles in just enough dialogue tags and action beats so as not to disrupt the flow. It advances the plot and fleshes out the characters. He writes with a close POV that connects the reader to the stories.” – Writer’s Digest Self-Published Ebook Contest

“This probing collection of short stories is perfect for readers seeking to delve into the complexities of human nature.” – BookLife

“The stories in the new collection, Santa Abella and Other Stories by Ken Wetherington, range from introspective, soul-searching adventures to tragic romance to suspense, all tinged with a touch of darkness.” North Carolina Writers Network

“… provides deep enjoyment and surprising revelations about the human condition.” – Richard H. Smith, author of The Joy of Pain

“… a wonderful kaleidoscope of thought-provoking tales that linger beyond the page. Well-written and carefully crafted, this collection is a worthy investment for readers who are tired of formulaic fiction. – Phillip M. Locey, author of The Chain of Living Fire series

“… the kind of stories you have to chew over for a while and really let them sink in.” – Hannah Phoenix

“An astounding first book. Unusual, timely, poignant. Highly recommended.” – Lee Sorensen, Art Librarian, Duke University

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Praise for Individual Stories

On “Inheriting Dad”
“… a page turner.” – Neal Bell, Edgar Award winner, Obie Award winner

On “Fooling the Boys”

“When I read this through the first time, I thought it was an interesting vignette or memory. But then I read it again, and I could see the more delicate threads and the deeper meaning of it.” – Laurie Boris, author of Boychik

On “The Brothers Evanger” (First Runner-Up for the 2022 Harambee Literary Prize)
“I find compelling the reflections on forgiveness and (historical/family) narrative constructions from different perspectives.” – Joyce Kurpiers, PhD

On “The Last Grave”
“I loved this! Great opening sentence, and I’m in awe at how much information is relayed in this very short story.” – Diane Strauss, Associate University Librarian, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

On “Santa Abella”
… effective use of sustainable tension and a mystery to be solved. – Susan Kirby-Smith, associate editor, UNCG Research

On “In the Eye of the Beholder”
… this piece blew my mind. I had to reread it to wrap my head around it.” – Elizabeth M. Castillo, British-Mauritian poet, writer, and artist, author of Cajoncito

On “Thanatopsis”
… a strange, interesting story about death and love.”The Fable Online

On “One Night in Las Vegas”
A welcome twist to the standard Vegas tale.” – Michael Foldes, managing editor, Ragazine

On “Singapura”
“A pleasure to read.”
– Lee Sorensen, Art Librarian, Duke University

On “Sui Generis”
“A really strong story.” – J.L. Corbett, editor, Idle Ink

On “Black Bear Lake”
“… very engrossing.” – Martin Miller, PhD, Professor of History, Duke University

On “Starstruck”
… very nicely done.” – Pete Barber, author of MAYA

On “The Photoshoot”
“Well done.” – The Rev. Rhonda Mawhood Lee, PhD

On “Lydia”
Love the story.” – Monique Berry, editor, Founder’s Favourites

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